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Background of the Ragdoll breed


The origins of the Ragdoll are well documented and can be traced back to a mating of a white Angora type semi-feral cat, Josephine. Josephine was sadly put to sleep, but in 1963 Ann Baker managed to secure three of Josephines offspring. Daddy Warbucks, a Seal Mitted male with a white tipped tail and a white nose blaze, Fugianna - a Seal Bicolour, and Buckwheat - a black self (solid). These cats were compared to the Burmese and Birman, but Josephine and the fathers were semi-feral, and therefore their parentage is unknown. Ann Baker began a regimented breeding programme which resulted in her producing Colour pointed, Mitted and Bicolour patterns from the three original cats and their offspring. In 1971 she set up her own registering body, the International Ragdoll Cat Association (IRCA). In 1975 she patented the Ragdoll name, and franchised out 'breeding stock' under strict contracts. Her aim was to develop a breed that resembled Daddy Warbucks, the Seal Mitted with a white nose blaze and white tipped tail, the founding father of the breed. The Ragdoll was initially imported into the UK in 1981 by Lulu Rowley (Petil-Lu Cattery) and Pat Brownsell (Patriarca cattery).

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