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Winter and Blu1_edited.jpg
Winter and Blu2_edited.jpg

Ragtastic Blu and Winter

1 yr 9 month old cats


Parents: Chloe & Charlie

Pick up from London SW18

Parents are
Litter born 10th AUG'22

♂Blu and ♀Winter are blue bicolours.

5 generation inbreeding coefficient 0.00%

Kitten Pedigree (via Paw Peds test mating)

Winter and Blu are super sweet young cats - brother and sister. Both are a gorgeous combination of mum and dad. They have a sweet ragdoll nature and will happily follow you around the house. They both like calm and prefer that you're not travelling/away too frequently

They are being rehomed due to noisy building works and frequent family travels causing stress. 

If you are interested in adopting Winter and Blu, please contact me on They will only be rehomed together and not separately. There is a reduced adoption fee payable.

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