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Our Ragdolls are our priority ♡

We reserve the right to choose the best home for our kittens. Preference will be given to new homes wanting two kittens. We will only agree to offer our kittens to loving homes with responsible owners who consider kittens to be new family members. The adoption process will therefore involve getting to know you and your home situation better. Our kittens are well socialised with children and our sweet dog, Otis. Kittens are for life - we will not release kittens to new homes prior to Christmas.

Kittens are available mainly as pets. Breeders should contact me directly to discuss possibilities.

What Ragtastic.Ikigai cattery expects from you as a buyer

  • Kittens must live with the family as family members.

  • Our kittens/cats are indoor only, although are welcome to go out via a leash or a secured catio.

  • Ragdolls are highly sociable and should not be alone for large parts of the day. 

  • The kitten/cat must be fed with a nutritious, quality food. Guidance is available here.

  • Kittens/cats must have health insurance provided for life.

  • Kittens/cats must be vet registered from point of purchase and have a kitten check-up within 3 days of arriving at their new home.

  • Kittens/cats must have a minimum of annual veterinary appointments and required booster vaccinations.

  • All kittens bought as pets will be neutered before arriving at their new home. The cost of neutering will be added to the purchase price.

  • Breeding kittens will only be available to registered, ethical breeders.

  • Changing the ownership of kittens/cats is not allowed. New owners must ensure they can continue to care for the kitten / cat for life. Exceptional circumstances can be discussed with Ragtastic.Ikigai Cattery.

  • Ongoing contact about kittens / cats will be maintained, with updated pictures and information on development and health.

What to expect from Ragtastic.Ikigai

Registration of the cattery is with GCCF in the UK and FIFé in the Netherlands since 2021. All of our breeding cats are checked for relevant infectious disease (FeLV and FIV), and via DNA tests for relevant genetic disease (RD-HCM). More details.


Our kittens are provided:

  • At least 13 weeks old

  • ID-marked with a microchip

  • Vaccinated twice

  • Veterinary inspection

  • Registered in either GCCF / FIFé

  • Dewormed twice as standard

  • Raised on quality kitten food

  • Well-socialised and of course absolutely wonderful ♡


Kittens come with a certified 5-generation pedigree, kitten contract, 4 weeks of health insurance (UK only), and a blanket with mum's smell. I prefer to maintain good contact with my kitten buyers and naturally help with questions, advice, and support!

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